We assist corporate, small, and medium business companies to obtain financing from banks.

Our services include:

  • Complete their loan applications.
  • Summarize the loan request and credit analysis to facilitate the approval process at the company’s bank.
  • Assist the company in preparing the documents needed as per the regulator’s circulars.( BCCL circular 238)
  • Evaluate the documentation to be presented to the bank.
  • Analyze the credit data, financial statements to determine whether the company’s degree of risk is bankable or not.
  • Give the advice for the necessary action plan to upgrade the above risk degree
  • Assess the risks involved in the credit extension and find mitigations for each.
  • Generate the financial ratios with the use of the computer as per the international standards to evaluate the financial status of the company.
  • Recommend the structure of facility and its collateral.
  • Recommend the schedule of payment that is coherent with the company’s cash flow, and trade cycle.
  • Assist companies and individuals in obtaining financing through Islamic instruments that are Shari’a compliant.