Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are the core of economy; and thus, they are targeted always by hackers and cyber-criminals. These individuals are looking to steal intellectual property, trade secrets, customer data, authentication credentials, and any other sensitive information. A well-planned cyberattack can potentially and drastically damage your business. So, it is of vital importance that an organization understands its weaknesses while improving its strengths.

A penetration test, which is also called “ethical hacking,” is conducted by our certified information security consultants. Whether external or internal, the test simulates the actions of real-world hackers and reveals security vulnerabilities and ways of exploitation. You, as our client, will gain an insight into the security posture of your IT network system and will be provided with a step-by-step recommendation and action plan to secure any gap and mitigate any risk.

Available Services:

  • External Penetration Test

This type of penetration testing simulates the action an Internet hacker, and reveals what such a hacker can probe and penetrate the Internet-facing systems. This external security assessment (including Vulnerability Assessment) will help clients secure their business data from any external cyber threats.

  • Internal Penetration Test

The internal penetration test simulates the action of a malicious employee or insider. The test reveals how the internal network (LAN) can be compromised by internal attackers, and will help in tightening the security of an Intranet.